Something Important

I was messaging with a friend this morning who said something I hear far too often. In fact, I’ve said it myself. He said that he’d always felt like he was meant for something important, something beyond the simple life he’d been living filled with the same highs and lows we all go through. But now, at 50+ years old, he’s questioning that aching feeling that told him he was meant for more. He’s questioning whether he’ll ever feel that sense of purpose, that ah-ha moment that tells him, This is it! This is why you’re here!
I, too, have felt that same thing from a very young age, as I’m sure a lot of you have. That feeling like maybe my purpose was that, something I’d already gone through and missed the whole true experience of that something important. Or maybe it’s this, my current job, skill, gift, or experience.
But I realize as I move through my life, I have only tapped the surface. Just as I think my purpose is clear, I’m thrown a curveball that sits my ass right on the ground. So I…

5 Ways To Know If You're An Empath & What You Can Do About It

em·path /╦łempaTH/ noun noun: empath; plural noun: empaths a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.
How do you know if you're an empath, or just sensitive and empathetic? Being an empath is a psychic ability. An empath feels very deeply and takes on emotions from other people, and even the world and the cosmos. You carry these emotions as if they're your own, may sometimes feel physical pain as well, and are often filled with stress and anxiety that you can't talk yourself out of.

1) Social Anxiety: Empaths have an extremely difficult time being in a crowd. You can tell as soon as you walk into a room if you're going to have a positive experience or a negative one. You start feeling emotions and physical ailments of the people inside, and this can sometimes take you on a roller coaster ride. You're happy one second, heartbroken and crying the next, and you don't know why. You have a hard time thinki…

My Intention...

For too long I struggled to find my voice, struggled to even realize I had a voice. I have grown into this person in this moment where I will no longer allow anyone else to speak for me.

Traumatic experiences can either break you down into nothing or inspire you to become someone better. Best case, it does both.

We all carry burdens with us that we've buried deeper and deeper, sometimes maybe even forgetting if those experiences were real or imagined. But at some point we cannot bury them any further and they begin to slowly make their way back to the surface.

We get reminded of our inner demons thought exercised long ago as they reappear for a new ritual of communion.

These experiences are about love. Those we've buried and those that get revealed. We search for the kind of love we'd lost, feeling lost and abandoned time and time again, only to end up with the kind of love we thought we deserved.

I have stopped making apologies to myself for who I used to be and who I've n…

Happy 50th Birthday to ME!

I promised myself I would be in the best shape of my life at 50. Physically I still have a ways to go, but I'm headed (finally) in the right direction. But emotionally, mentally, and spiritually I certainly am in much better shape than I've ever been.

Last year I released experiences that were weighing me down. I knew this release would then make space for new experiences and deeper healing for old ones.

The beginning of Spring indeed was teasing me with new life. Fear was my first human response, but that quickly changed to joy, to hope.

I preach authenticity, yet it is something I was keeping secret from my own self.

We had a beautiful Spring day this past week and I decided to walk at the park. I walked not for distance or time, but for clarity. Two women passed by and I heard a bit of the conversation they were having -
You have to take personal inventory of the people you've wronged, including yourself.

I wanted to turn and follow them so I could hear the rest o…

Happy Chinese New Year: The Year of the Pig

Today is the Chinese New Year and we are beginning the Year of the Pig. In the Chinese zodiac, Pigs are the 12th sign and represent wealth, fortune & prosperity.
If you were born in these years, you are a Pig, so this is really your year to shine: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007. You have a beautiful personality and will be blessed with good fortune in life. Pigs won’t stand out in a crowd, but they know how to enjoy life and are hard workers.
Even if we’re not a Pig, this year we should work hard and enjoy life, blend with others instead of trying to outdo them. This is the year to invest (time, money, effort) in your dreams & future. This is how we will prosper & change or luck to positive. No more procrastinating!
February, May & August will be the best months and when we should make any major changes. We are cautioned during the months of July, September & January (2020).
We should pay closer attention to our physical body and work on building strengt…

New Moon Ritual


Don't Bow Down

There is so much hate in the world. Do you support the hate or do you support love?

We need to stop causing pain to others. We need to stop using the energy of hate to try to fulfill our own agendas.

Hate is fear.

It's time we started loving each other for who we are instead of hating each other for not being who you think we should be, or who you're afraid we may become.

It's time we started to raise each other up instead of tearing each other down.

So if you're the one who's hating, what are you so damn afraid of?

And if you're the one who's being hated, don't you dare bow down. Let them hate you, because by hating you, it makes the rest of us see you even brighter.

And when you stand up for yourself, you gain your power.

And know that you speak for all of us. You speak for those of us who have yet to find our voice, those of us who have not found our own power to stand up to our haters, to yell loud enough for others to hear.

So shine your power. Sparkle. Sp…